Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Azure Resource Manager templates for Citrix Cloud workloads

Welcome to the start of some prototypes to aide in onboarding and lifecycle events for your Citrix Cloud environment running on Azure.

You can find the template repository here:

It is just getting started with some common requests received from customers.

The first Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Template will provision Citrix Cloud Connectors following best practice recommendations:
  • two Citrix Cloud Connector machines
  • In an availability set
  • joins to your existing domain 
  • always pulls the latest Cloud Connector
  • and linked to a Resource Location in your Citrix Cloud customer
  • a Resource Group separate from your Citrix workers
  • supports the selection of your existing virtual network
Why might you use this template?
  • You mind manual installation to be cumbersome
  • It is repeatable
  • Your organization has tight controls on who can provision machines
Give this first template a test drive and let me know what you think and any other ideas that you have for additional templates.

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